Shadow and Light Integration, Shamanic Initiation, Archetype Work, Conscious Sexuality, Transformative Circles, Body and Soul Movement, Initiation into Heart and Sacred Power.

A combination of emotional, primal, somatic and spiritual exploration, designed to create lasting impact on a man’s life.


2020/05/01 15:00:00

California, USA

May 1-5, 2020
Frank Mondeose

Frank Mondeose

Lead Facilitator
Nimai SunRa

Nimai SunRa

Lead Facilitator
Gil Oren

Gil Oren

Philippe Lewis

Philippe Lewis

Facilitator & Organizer


Initiation into the unknown, knowing only, we are being called to Re/MEN/ber.

Remember who we are, and what it is to be a “man” today.
Where we came from, and where we are going.
What is our knowing and what is asking to awaken and live through us?

This is an invitation to re-MEN-bering the male archetype, and vibrating again towards wild love. Can you remember?


A process that will take us on a “fool’s leap” into the unknown. An invitation into presence. Developing shamanic intuition, discovering power, and trusting self as our wisest guide!

The Facilitation role is to offer a space and program, that empowers brothers to recognize unaware patterns and any false belief systems, and offer support to transform them and re-awaken to one’s true nature. Inviting deep listening and intuition to arise.

Vibrating our energetic bodies through breath – sound – movement – embodying our “true nature” self.

Developing shamanic intuition, discovering our truest power, and trusting self as our wisest guide!


The modern collective has allowed masculine qualities to erode, cursing Men into false patterns of masculinity. With barely any tools or guides, men today are ill equipped to meet the current emerging paradigm, creating deep confusion in their being.

It is difficult for this generation to meet a changing world relating from old paradigm Masculinity.

As we reconnect with our heart, emotions, and brotherhood; authenticity and vulnerability leads us to deeper clarity.

Together we will share a creative space to discover, move, and expand, giving way to untapped personal power, now liberated for creation. Together we each come as unique facets of the jewel of brotherhood, in love, in support, in mutuality. Together, competition no longer belongs. Together, we share our skills and our wisdom. Together, we re-men-ber manhood anew!

The/Re/MEN/ber/ PATH – Shadow/Hunting ~ Light/Bringing

Join us as we create the pillars for transformation, co-creation and re-incarnation RIGHT NOW!

Re/MEN/ber will offer a collaborative space that is self emerging, and supports integration of aware masculine qualities and meets our feminine essence

The path of exploration will contain experiential processes, rituals and ceremonies held within a container of shared agreements, and centred in self-responsibility, love and respect.


  • Tracking and aligning our strengths and sensitivities, groundedness and vulnerabilities
  • Shifting vibrations to serve bigger love, more power and ultimately freedom
  • Discovering leadership, integrated with integrity, humility, courage, and generosity
  • Stoking passion and meeting presence
  • Awakening to emotions and learning how to channel them responsibly
  • Honouring shadows, and forgiving them as a part of the journey
  • Inviting and expressing the creative essence of the feminine
  • Illuminating intuition and clarity
  • Connecting to spirit as a guide into the mysteries of the universe
  • Focusing power, toward transformation
  • Engaging intention and manifestation
  • Waking up to life as love and in service to the highest good
  • Opening, learning, reMENbering. ALL ONE

May 1-5, 2020

5 days / 4 nights + 1 day of integration in community (optional)

Location: California, USA


First 4/ $950/USD – ENDS JANUARY 31st
Next 8/ $1150/USD – ENDS MARCH 31st
Last 12/ $1350/USD


To RSVP your place and contribution level, please send a $470USD non refundable deposit via Paypal to our organizer Philippe Lewis at istaconnection@gmail.com. Service charges are not included. You can choose to use the friends and family option. Please specify Re/MEN/ber California May 2020


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