This retreat was amazing: the facilitators are magnetic, wise, and engaging; the content is impactful and life-changing; and the facility is beautiful and full of life! My experience with this retreat and the group of brothers was exactly what I needed to grow and expand my relationship with brotherhood. In learning to love myself more through this retreat’s process, I’ve begun to love others with a fuller heart. I am so grateful for this experience and for the brothers that supported, respected, and loved me through it all.

Matthew VidalFirst generation Filipino American
44, on 2nd Marriage
Health Insurance Professional of 13 years
Spiritual and Personal Transformational journeying for 2 years

The Brotherhood Journey has brought me, like a hot knife through warm butter, into the depths of my heart – as none of the many men’s retreats that I have visited before has done. The benefits are immediately felt: as a connection to my original male self-reliance, which does now allow me to shape my life on a primary, stronger level than before – rather than being content with what life left for me otherwise. The experiences are on a high professional level; the trainer team built a safe and sacred container for men to have an encounter with their own inner space and the male power in the responsible sense.

I am very grateful to have had this experience; the way from Germany to Costa Rica has been fully worthwhile.

Dr. Gerold AsshoffForensic psychiatrist and Consultant, married father fo 3 kids

Wow, what a journey! Coming back from ReMenBer, I feel more loved and alive I’ve ever been after being with a group of people. The facilitators, the participants, the content and the incredible atmosphere of trust and love, created the perfect platform for healing and expanding our beings. I leave this retreat with more clarity about my role in this world, knowing that I am not alone, that together we can make a difference and with tremendous hope regards to the changes that we’re able to do within ourselves and then transport into this world. A few words to describe this journey would be, love, acceptance, support, sharing, home, human beauty and hope of a better world.

My heart is full of gratitude for Nimai, Frank, Philippe, and Gili, for holding this amazing journey and for all my brothers for showing as you are, vulnerable , and loving.

Love you all,


I came to Re/MEN/ber confused about the role of masculinity in this ever-changing world. I came with the intention of claiming my power and honoring myself. I discovered the power of love in all its forms. I no longer abandon myself for the approval of another. The only validation I need comes from within. I no longer feel like a victim after the effort to care and support others isn’t extended to me. I realized that is my power. That is my love. The act, not the result.

Until I truly loved myself, my soul in its entirety I couldn’t truly love another. Loving myself means not staying in places and relationships where I am not respected. I learned love and fear can not co-exist. I’m in love or I am not. I choose love, and I will continue to choose love and carry that with me. The most powerful aspect of Re/MEN/ber is the Brotherhood. Seeing the beauty of the men holding each other. Emerging on the other side of the crucible walking hand in hand. Make the investment into yourself. Everyone you encounter will reap the benefits of your new radiant being. I love you, and look forward to calling you brother!


My dear brothers and leaders of the ReMenBer Journey in Costa Rica, I want to share with you what a transformation I had being on the journey with you. This was a deep experience of light, dark and shadow and opened up the ability to trust men that had been so difficult for me in the past.

I discovered an appreciation for nature and got my commitment to protecting this beautiful planet as well as the feminine energy. Thank thank you for the awakening of my masculine in new ways and for the potency of a brotherhood that will last a lifetime!

Michael GibsonArizona, USA

ReMenBer brotherhood journey is a unique offering in the world. It will take you into a deeper connection with men, with manhood, with yourself. It will also show you that the differences and divisions that keep us feeling separate are thin, imaginary, and easily overcome. You will learn what healthy masculinity is and what it feels like, how we can bring ourselves to women and the Feminine, and honor the Feminine within ourselves as well.

Whether you want to strengthen, stretch, or study what it means to be a man in this world, come join this experience. You will form connections with other men, and insights about yourself, that will shift the course of your life as a man. We want your voice, your heart, and your love on the journey with us. Aho!

Blake ZealearTransformational Guide and Intimacy Coach, Solopreneur, Life Artist, Revolutionary
California, USA