I came to Re/MEN/ber confused about the role of masculinity in this ever-changing world. I came with the intention of claiming my power and honoring myself. I discovered the power of love in all its forms. I no longer abandon myself for the approval of another. The only validation I need comes from within. I no longer feel like a victim after the effort to care and support others isn’t extended to me. I realized that is my power. That is my love. The act, not the result.

Until I truly loved myself, my soul in its entirety I couldn’t truly love another. Loving myself means not staying in places and relationships where I am not respected. I learned love and fear can not co-exist. I’m in love or I am not. I choose love, and I will continue to choose love and carry that with me. The most powerful aspect of Re/MEN/ber is the Brotherhood. Seeing the beauty of the men holding each other. Emerging on the other side of the crucible walking hand in hand. Make the investment into yourself. Everyone you encounter will reap the benefits of your new radiant being. I love you, and look forward to calling you brother!